Top 10 Job Tips – Employment For Convicted Felons – Easy Tips to Get You Earning Money!

Any convicted felon knows how hard it is to find a job. Let’s be honest, employment for convicted felons isn’t really the top priority to an employer. These tips will help you to earn money as well as finding a job.

Top 10 List

#10 – Be honest; don’t lie about your convictions. If your employer does a background check later on, you will almost definitely be fired.

#9 – Many employers will ask the question “How would others describe you?” or something similar. Be ready for this, and don’t use answers like “I’m nice, hard working..” Be unique and use an answer like “I am a team player and can cooperate effectively. I’m efficient in a multi-tasking environment, and I am a reliable, honest employee.”

#8 – If an employer asks about your felonies, make it clear that you made a mistake, and it has no bearing on your effectiveness or your work ethic, and focus on what you’ve learned from that experience.

#7 – When filling out application forms, use good handwriting and take your time. Especially if the manager reads the applications, good handwriting is their first impression of you. If you are sloppy or have many mistakes or grammar errors, they will judge you, and it could cost you the job.

#6 – Dress appropriately for your interview. You have enough obstacles as a felon as it is, and you need to look as sharp as you can. Get a haircut and don’t wear sneakers. Find a cheap, nice looking pair at Payless – even Walmart.

#5 – Try to network with other people; they may be able to find you a job. If possible, try to get in with a family business. They will be happy to hire you while you look for a more permanent job.

#4 – Do volunteer work around the community. This looks good on your resume, and shows that just because you have a criminal record, doesn’t mean you are a bad person. Employment for convicted felons is easy when you show you care.

#3 – Ask to speak with the manager after you fill out your application. Be the first to offer a firm handshake, look them in the eyes, and greet them. Tell them you applied for the position and that you hope to hear from them.

#2 – Consider starting a business and employ yourself. Many successful felons have made a career this way. If you can, try to start a side business while still looking for a job. Employment for convicted felons is really scarce, so consider being your own boss.

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