What Are The Employment Prospects For Nurses?

You may wonder if becoming a nurse is a means for reliable employment and if the employment prospects for nurses is a responsible choice. After all, it costs money to receive an education in nursing and you want to make sure that the money will be put to good use for future employment.

The nursing profession has weathered through this recent economic upheaval. The demand for nursing has increased in the last 20 years, both in health centers and hospitals as well as in private practices.

Quite a bit of nurses now are nearing retirement and of course will enjoy a guaranteed pension. But they are also getting older, nearing their late 50’s and early 60’s. Along with the aging process comes the need for medical attention and more demands for nurses. There is a high demand for Certified Nursing Assistant as well as Emergency Medical Technicians. The competition is great; attracting top notch individuals takes money.

Because of the stiff competition, employers are willing to pay for moving expenses as well as offer hefty bonuses upon signing long term contracts. Salaries are very competitive, each medical facility attempting to attract the best nurses with promises of hefty yearly salaries.

Because many jobs have been affected by the economic recession, there are many people who wish they could have redirected their career goals. Had they thought about this when graduating from high school, and started working as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), they would have been able to work at a job seemingly immune to the economic catastrophe and still be able to retire with a more than modest income.

Because nursing jobs are becoming harder and harder to fill, students attending a nursing school program will find that they have a pick as to where they want to practice their profession and know that once they graduate and pass their nursing licensure test, they can “sit back” and let potential employers woo them..

For nursing school students, the prospect for becoming employed as a nurse has never been better. The hardest decision a potential nurse has to make is whether they want to work in a hospital or with a physician in private practice. It really depends how high, within the nursing profession, you want to climb. In that respect, the “sky is the limit” and now is the time to decide if a nursing profession is something you want to pursue.