Career Change – 5 Steps Toward a Positive and Productive Attitude in Your Job Search!

A positive, productive, successful attitude starts at home.

1. Know and like yourself. When you become negative, or hopeless, or too self-critical, you need to stop and think about your strengths and good points. If you are always putting yourself down, you are inviting others to do the same.

2. Reach out. Everybody needs a support group. Talk with your family and friends. It may sound corny but it’s true – be a good friend and you will always have good friends.

3. One day at a time. You made a mistake yesterday? So did lots of other people. Admit what you did wrong. Learn from it, get over it, and move ahead. You can’t change the past. Don’t let it get in the way of doing better today.

4. Keep moving. Feeling good physically is an important part of having a good attitude. Get some exercise everyday. Take a walk; use the stairs instead of the elevator; play ball or tag with the kids.

5. Have some fun. Everyone needs a change of pace. Do something that makes you feel good; going to the game with friends, singing in the church choir, doing something special for your best buddy.

Put your attitude to work… Your attitude about work and on the job makes all the difference between just “hanging on” and getting ahead. More important than education, skills or experience, a positive attitude is the key to success and job satisfaction. Learn to be an optimist – a person who believes that good events have permanent causes, so they are likely to happen often.

If you think of setbacks and disappointments as being temporary, then you will view any bad things that happen as just the result of one-time causes that will change soon. With an attitude such as this, problems and failures can usually be overcome by trying a fresh approach.


“I didn’t get the job because the other two candidates had more experience. But the recruiter really liked my interview, so I’ll probably be considered for another position.”