Free Online Jobs – Make Money Transcribing

For years all of our records, legal, medical, financial, etc. were printed out and filled away. An endless mass of papers and folders that had to be stored and maintained. Some of these records are lost every year to fire or other types of damage, and the costs and logistics of storage are increasingly immense. Fortunately, modern technology has offered an answer, and with it an excellent opportunity to make an extra income.

Professional such as doctors and lawyers are now rushing to take all their paper documentation and turn it into a more permanent form. They are scanning all the documents into the computer, so that they now have a hard copy of all of the cases, this way if there is a fire or another disaster there is always going to be a backup and in most cases a backup of the backup. However these professionals do not have the time or the staff to do all of the transferring themselves.

People like you are making wonderful money for doing nothing more than scanning in the paper documents and saving them as computer files. If you are unsure how to go about getting hired for a job like this, let your fingers do the walking on the yellow pages. Call doctors and lawyers that are close to you. Tell them that you are equipped to convert their record for them at a reasonable fee. Do good work and more is sure to follow, from you client and all of their professional friends.