Networking Groups – Starting Your Own Can Help Your Job Search

In a time when so many people are looking for jobs networking groups are popular once again and are a great help in your search. Back in the dot com boom days these networking groups were everywhere. You may have been a part of several or at least asked to join. In those days these groups were not looking for jobs but rather referrals to make money. Everyone was counted on to bring referrals to the group and some networking groups even kept count of how well you did in that department. People who were all take and no give were often shown the door. Today these groups are popular again but it is a different kind of referral people are looking for.

Do you know of a job in ____ field? Filling in those blanks and getting answers is the new life of networking groups across the country. There are plenty in existence and if you are inclined to do so we’ll talk about starting your own. A networking group is a long name for what is simply a group of people all with the same goal who are willing to help each other get there. Do you know people like that? For many the answer might be just a few, but if you were to start making a list of everyone you knew that might possibly be a good connector (Someone who can connect you with someone else you need to know.) you might be surprised at how long that list can get.

Every person needs a connector in their life and most people have one and may not even know it. That person who seems to have their hands in a little bit of everything and knows more people than most of us would have time for. This is the type of person you would ideally start off your new group with. They do not have to be out of work and looking for a job because this person gets their fulfillment from using their connections to help others. The connector is the quarterback of your team. You may be the coach and the one putting together the game plan but this is the person you want calling the plays.

With your connector in hand along with a list of all the people you know begin by asking for people who might be interested in starting a new group. To appeal to just more than job seekers, why not make it for both people looking for jobs and people looking for referrals for possible clients? It’s better to have a group of diverse people (not all out of work) that can cross reference the people they know to help.