The Benefits of Getting Any Job Rather Than Being on Benefits

There are huge benefits to getting a job, no matter how well or under paid, over not having a job at all, and claiming benefits from the government and most of all, your peers’ taxes. Often there is a circumstance where receiving benefits will give you more money than if you actually went out to work. This may be the case in some instances, however having a job will bring you some many more benefits other than money.

Gaining a job gives you huge experiences, not only in the professional capacity of the workplace, but the social also. Going to work every morning and performing new tasks and interacting with others will make you eager to learn and improve your skills in order to compete with colleagues and competitors.

A job also obviously gives you money, and a lot more than the money you would receive from claiming benefits.

Through a job you will gain confidence as you will be experiencing all sorts of different things each day. From meeting new people, having to be professional, and learning new skills. All these things will help you grow in confidence as you develop and make these skills your own.

Having a job, rather than claiming benefits will gain you respect from others. People will like the fact that you are out, working hard to earn your money, rather than sitting back and taking handouts.

When you eventually do want to get a job, you will have a gap on your CV which employers will want to know about. Claiming benefits unless for a substantial reason will be frowned upon and may lead to not being able to obtain employment or at least having difficulty to.

Ultimately, having a job will give you the feeling of self worth. It is a far better feeling to know you have earned the money yourself, and worked hard for it, rather than taking it from other peoples taxes. It will bring you a higher level of self esteem and make you feel encouraged, the fact that you’ve earned that money yourself and really deserve it.