Job Search Tips – 3 Easy Ways to Avoid Frustration in Your Job Search

The biggest source of frustration in the job search is “silent telephone syndrome.” You send out your first round of resumes and cover letters and never hear anything back. You look for some advice online or buy a job search book and it says you have not done enough. The advice is if you have not researched every opening for every possible employer in your field, you need to keep applying. Your job search has turned into a numbers game. So, you double or triple the amount of job openings you apply to and start to feel productive. After a few days of feeling high, your spirits begin to sink because the phone still has not rung.

If you are feeling the pain of a frustrating and slow job search, read on for three easy steps you can take right now that will get your phone ringing and reduce your frustration in no time.

Don’t base your entire job search on responding to classified ads or posted job announcements. Networking is okay, and cold calling is better.

Are you networking? Or have you made the faulty assumption that your friends, acquaintances and contacts know enough about who you are, the job you are looking for and your most valuable strengths and assets. You have to take the initiative to convey your job search goals, strengths and weaknesses–even to the people who know you best. The second part of this tip is to expand your network beyond your closest friends to include people you work with, past bosses or co-workers, other colleagues you’ve met along the way, your neighbors, others with whom you speak with while going about your day to day activities (shopkeepers, other parents at your child’s daycare, and so forth). Each person has a world of people and information they are connected with that can expand the reach of your job search efforts. However, networking is not a magic solution to finding a job and does not always work.

This is a big one. Almost nothing will frustrate you more than waiting for some hot leads to work out. You can never assuming that other people will do and say what they have promised, and do it on your time. You have to take back your job search by telling people what you will do (like pursue a suggested lead yourself) and when you will get back to them. And then do it! Even better, you can copy the steps taken by the most successful job seekers that keep their phones ringing, even in a down economy.