The Role of Recruiter Gatekeepers in Your Job Search

A gatekeeper is typically a company receptionist, human resources assistant, or administrative assistant. A gatekeeper can even be a security guard. A gatekeeper is the person that answers phones for the recruiter, greets visitors, and sometimes schedules interviews.

Gatekeepers can determine which calls and visitors reach the hiring manager. In addition, they are the first line of contact when you come in for your interview. Many hiring managers will ask the gatekeeper for feedback on how you behaved while waiting for your interview. If you were impatient, rude, or unprofessional while waiting to be called in for your interview, chances are the recruiter will hear about it.

After you have applied for the position, stop by and introduce yourself to the gatekeeper. Although it is not necessary to wear a suit, you should be dressed professionally. It is amazing how many job seekers show up to companies in jeans and a t-shirt. You only get one chance at a first impression, don’t blow it by being too casual.

Ask the gatekeeper how long they have been working at the company. Be courteous and genuinely interested, and if it feels comfortable, ask them if they enjoy their job.

Tell the gatekeeper why you are interested in the position, and if possible, tell them a little bit about yourself.

Ask the gatekeeper if you can leave a copy of your resume, as resumes from job boards typically have formatting issues.

Do not ask to speak to the recruiter. Recruiters typically schedule their day down to the last minute. Surprise visits can be awkward and are generally not welcome.

Before you leave, thank the gatekeeper for their time and repeat your name.

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