3 Reliable Online Job Listing Sites

With the job market quickly dwindling, hundreds of thousands of unemployed are scouring online job listings for a chance at a piece, however tiny, of what’s left of that pie. But are online job listings reliable? Although any economic crisis of this proportion always brings out the scammers, there are several long-standing, trusted and reliable job listings websites on the net. And most importantly, they are FREE!

Craigslist has been around for nearly a decade and has been providing job seekers a simple and easy platform for finding work opportunities since then. This site is fully available to you; no account necessary. The best thing about Craigslist is that job listings that are found to be false are flagged and removed. Because of the number of users the site gets, these listings are often spotted quickly. The majority of the listings are trustworthy, but if something sounds too good to be true, it is probably best to pass it by.

Beware that the popularity of this site also means that each listing is responded to by thousands of resumes so try to get your resume out within one day of the job posting. This will help ensure that your email is seen early on. Speaking of email, make sure the email address you are using to send out resumes sounds professional. Your first initial and last name are usually a good start.

A tip for college students or recent graduates: your school email suggests to companies that you have zero or little experience in the real-world. Don’t use it.

Like Craigslist, Monster has been around for a while and has proven itself as a legitimate online job listing website. Monster goes one step further in helping you with your job search by allowing you to upload your resume onto the website. This way, you not only can respond to listings but employers can find YOU. The site also offers resume writing help and loads of information on the job hunting experience. Although you need to make an account, it’s free and the site is a community aimed at helping you be successful in your search. You can be sure that listings are thoroughly checked for legitimacy.

Paid-Work-at-Home.net will help you sort through and detect the scams by unbiasedly reviewing and ranking the legitimate job opportunities available to you.

Slightly lower on many people’s

radar, LinkedIn.com is a business community website geared towards establishing business links between professionals. Establish an account in order to add coworkers, partners, friends, and upload your resume. Unlike other social networking sites, the associations between members on LinkedIn are school or business related, which means you have a higher chance here of being recommended for a job opportunity. If your friends are looking for jobs as well, you can search the site’s job listing. The more links you make with users, the better your chances become of running into a great business opportunity.

There you have it. Take your time to build a solid presence on each of these online job listing sites and keep your eyes open to be successful in your search.