UK Immigration Law – UK Employment

One of the most coveted things when you are in the UK is the UK employment. According to the UK immigration Law, eligibility in finding employment in the UK is based upon many factors. These factors could be their limits on their visa provisions, nationality, and whether or not they have a temporary or permanent leave to remain in the UK. Some may have student visa, a visitor or related categories that would otherwise prevent them from seeking employment in the UK.

The UK immigration law states that all United Kingdom residents as long as they have legal permissions to find UK employment will enjoy the equal privileges and rights therefore, firms and employers should treat them as British citizens irrespective of their country of origin, and the duration of their stay in the UK. After all, the UK is in need of many talented individuals who can bring economic advantage to the country.

Most of the immigrants may have UK employment waiting for them when they arrive in the UK while others will still come to the UK and look for work. All these depend on the UK immigration Law categories that fit the applicant. Some employees are hired directly therefore, they have a letter of sponsorship. Others come to the UK and may spend a few weeks establishing business or scour the internet job market, newspaper ads and company openings to find a job. The UK government also provides unrelenting support for those who want to have a job through these job centres where they can apply and fill out forms.

The UK immigration law laid out strict rules when it comes to finding UK employment. Job seekers will receive and sign an employment contract that contains the expectations of both the employer and the employee. This is a binding contract and must contain the following:

– The salary paid to the employee

– Hour of work prescribed in the contract, as well as holidays, overtime pay and paid vacations the employee is entitles to

– The employees will state a notice if he or she decides to resign

– What legal processes takes place in case of misunderstanding between the employer and employee relationship or the breach of contract

These should be all put in writing, there is a possibility that a misunderstanding might ensue. At the very minimum the basic requirements should be put in writing and signed, and a copy must be furnished to both parties. All employees must have an obligation to pay taxes because these taxes go to the public funds which they will be entitled to including garbage collection, public infrastructures, healthcare, maintenance, street lighting and national pension. An employee will also enjoy paid day offs, 4 weeks paid holidays each year and including fifty two weeks maternity leave and two weeks paternity leave for fathers. Visit your trusted solicitor now at

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