The Single-Most Important Letter You May Ever Use in a Job Search

A top ranking career military officer, who during his time in the Reserves also developed a stellar career as a senior-level executive in industry, had the daunting task of re-entering the job market after his return from 2-3 years active duty; and during the worst economy in his lifetime. After job searching for some time, he summed-up his frustration with this: “For the first time in my life I am doing something and have

.” Hearing this from an Officer at one of the highest official levels in our Military, was at the very least, unsettling to a career biz person like myself. Now he didn’t say, “

I’m doing” he said “

I’m doing”! Does anybody really every tell YOU how you are doing in YOUR job search?

I am going to share with you what may be

, one that will address the challenge of not knowing

. The

letter. It goes like this:


Certainly there are more rejections than offers in a job search; and most people do send a cordial letter . . . “thank you for your time and interest and if something opens up, please let me know”. “Thank you” is good; “thank you” plus

is better. The more you are rejected, the more opportunity for feedback; and the more feedback you have, the more improvements you can make –

. Soon you will no longer say “I have no idea how I’m doing”. In fact, you just may be thinking to yourself (


In his book,

, Sales Guru Tom Hopkins wrote, “I never see failure as failure but an opportunity to practice my techniques and perfect my performance.” I say . . .