Lost at Sea on an Internet Job Search

Believe me I was.

The hardest part of the online job search for me was initially narrowing things down to what I was really looking for. There is so much out there that you end up going in circles in your head. There are two ways to approach your job hunt. 1. You are not happy in your job and want something else. In this case your primary motivation is moving away from something. 2. You brainstorm about what you might like to do and figure out how to do it. In this case you are moving toward something.

Make sure your thinking is more inline with choice 2. This will help from making any rash decisions. You may not know exactly what you want, but it is always better to be moving toward a goal rather than simply moving away from something.

Once you have this figured out, you need exposure. There are so many choices of online job search websites out there it makes it difficult to figure out what is really going to work. I stumbled on a great website recently, that gives good comparisons and reviews of job search services you probably didn’t know about that could be really beneficial. Check it out, I never knew about a few of these places to go.

P.S. Extra Advice, Turn on the privacy settings for your myspace and Facebook and anything else you are on. Employers can find this quick. Also, don’t use the same email address in your resume that you use on these social networks. Employers can just search that email in myspace for example and find you.