A Job Search Is Tough – Don’t Get Discouraged!

It was a fair comment to say five years ago, that searching for a job was a hard thing to do well, and that was in the midst of a period of unprecedented economic growth and development, all of which are factors that benefit the applicant more than the recruiting employer.

Today’s applicants face a monumental challenge in trying to find the right job for them. We are most definitely not in a period of unprecedented growth! It would be closer to the truth to call today’s economic climate one of unprecedented decline. While our economy may be showing some signs of recovery, the number of people employed has been shrinking. Unemployment is now through the proverbial roof, which has made it all the harder for applicants to secure the job that they want. The fact is that there are a great number of people all applying for jobs that the odds of you getting any one job are slimmer than ever.

It can be all too easy to become discouraged in this type of situation, particularly if you are out of work at the moment. But discouragement is like a cancer that will eat away at your self belief and self esteem until there is little or nothing left.

This is a hard time indeed for those searching for jobs. But do not be discouraged. You need to remember first and foremost that everyone is in the same boat. Discouragement can leave you doubting yourself, so you should remember that it’s not just you that is affected. It has always been hard to secure a job, harder now than ever, so it is likely to take longer than it would have done previously. If you set your expectations accordingly will be easier to confront the difficult job hunt that lays ahead of you.

It may seem like stating the obvious, but a positive attitude is a state of mind that must constantly be worked on. The Chinese word for crisis is the same word that they use for opportunity. There is something profound in that thought that we can learn from: the difference between a crisis and an opportunity is little more than a state of mind.


This may all sound like “fluff” talk, but it is important that you take this seriously. Why? Simply because you will be rejected by many potential employers in this economic climate when you apply for jobs – it doesn’t matter who you are or how much experience you have gained.

You need to accept the truth of the situation and make a solid plan of action to move forward with a continued and sustained job search.

Retraining is a prime example of how you can turn unemployment into an opportunity. It can be a real positive step towards gainful employment, which can even be in an entirely new industry thanks the opportunity that being out of work has “afforded you”.

There are other ways in which unemployment can become an opportunity, whether that is in the form of seeing more of your family or in opportunities to better yourself by volunteering with charitable organizations.

Of course none of this pays the bills, so even with such a positive approach; it can be hard to remain positive for long. The only thing that you can do in situations like this is to work very hard at applying for every job that would suit your background and skills. You need to adjust your expectations for employment to suit the current economic climate. It may have been ten years since you last applied for a job, the job market was very different back then. What maybe only took a couple of months back then, may take eighteen or even twenty four months now. This is just a fact of life, unchangeable by you, so it is of paramount importance to accept it and move on mentally.

Searching for a job today is exceptionally hard, but becoming discouraged by the situation is only going to make it more difficult. It serves neither you nor your family any good to allow your self confidence to be stripped from you. Hold on to it, and keep your outlook positive above all else.