Expectations From Graduate Job Sites

One of the best resources for UK graduates looking for their first job or next job is the online job site. These sites, ranging from specific recruitment pages to general job sites, provide a great service to technologically savvy graduates. Online job sites often allow a professional to post their CV and application materials for other companies to find in an effort at passive recruitment. As well, the job listings on these sites often allow an applicant to click a few buttons and send their information to the appropriate person. Overall, graduate job sites have simplified the application process immensely for young professionals.

However, like any other website, online job sites are not created equal. While there are a number of great job sites that allow graduates to find the best jobs, there are other sites that are rudimentary or provide little in the way of services to their users. In this way, graduates seeking out their dream job need to have a certain level of expectation from an individual site.

One expectation from graduate job sites is privacy. Graduates expect their personal information, including address and phone number, to remain between themselves and their potential employer. This is a simple standard to enforce, as web sites with the appropriate security measures will often have their security system advertised on the main page. A site that does not have an assurance of privacy is not the one for the discerning graduate.

As well, graduates should expect a full range of application services from their graduate job site. Indeed, the best job sites include an online application which covers all of the information that is asked for on a standard application. Great job sites also feature CV formatting services and other features which allow graduates to put their best foot forward electronically. Those sites which do not feature these types of options or nothing resembling them should not be used by a young professional.

Finally, graduates need to look at the types of jobs offered by a graduate job site. The best job sites around offer extensive listings divided into specific channels for the ease of use by graduate job hunters. As well, job sites that are on the ball update their jobs on a daily basis in order to reflect the changing job market. Graduates need to look at the specific jobs offered and the general connection of a job site to their particular industry in order to determine if it is worthwhile to use a site.