Janitorial Services – Submitting a Bid

In order to have acquire new jobs it is necessary for janitorial services to place bids on the job. When placing a bid on a job it means that the janitorial services are going to submit what it would cost for their company to do the job that a particular business or office needs done. They will be competing with other janitorial companies that want the same job for their company. Several elements will increase the company’s chances of submitting the winning bid. There are also things that you might need to consider when looking at a prospective new customer when deciding to submit a bid or not.

Writing a successful bid for janitorial services

The key is to have a firm knowledge of just what the prospective new customer wants from their new janitorial cleaning services company. Some of the general things that the company would probably have the cleaning company do is dusting, emptying the trash, and vacuuming. If there are any special requests from the client make sure that you address them. For example, does the prospective customer need any particular cleaning products used because of allergies of some of the employees. It will convey to the customer that you take your job seriously when you take the time to include these little details in your bid.

Add a few extra touches to the bid

It can help you have a successful bid if offer a few extra touches that you would normally not find in a basic contract for janitorial cleaning services. Some of these little extras could include steam cleaning the carpets several times a year or cleaning their air vents every three months. These little extras could be figured into the monthly fee. They could be offered as an additional service for a rate that is discounted. If the extra services are not something that the customer might want knowing that your company offers these will make your janitorial company stand out from the rest.

Is submitting a bid worth it sometime?

If the prospective job has the prospective to be lucrative and adds more money to the monthly assets and it is for a long duration it will take the time to write a successful bid or proposal. This would be a good investment. If the customer is a little company that makes very little money but the cleaning is high maintenance with low monthly fees it might be better to not bid on the project.

Before submitting your bid be sure the bid covers all of the customer’s needs, contains accurate data, and will not keep you from the jobs you currently have. Submit it whatever way the customer asks and make sure that it is done on time.