Feeling Like Your Job Search is Going Nowhere?


about it.

Of course it’s a tough economy; six people are competing for every job opening. Double digit unemployment makes searching for a job especially hard work – and it isn’t going to get much easier any time soon.

During a protracted economic slump like this, many candidates slip into a mindset of believing they can’t affect anything. They feel like they’re caught in a rip current of circumstances and can’t swim free.

If you’ve been pounding the pavement without getting much in the way of results, you might be at a loss. Nothing seems to be working; your resume isn’t generating responses; you’re not getting interviews.

Instead of throwing up your hands in defeat, why not change the status quo?

While it’s true there are multiple factors over which you have no control – there are many things you can influence.

You have complete control over how you’re positioning yourself; over your preparation; over your search methodology. You have complete creative license over how you decide to go about achieving your goals – you can make new rules, and you can employ different tactics.

Where’s your focus?

If you’re tired of the fact that your job search isn’t going anywhere, change things up. Switch gears. Review and redefine your strategy.

People are still getting hired. Obviously there aren’t as many jobs to choose from, but there are opportunities to be had. You have to know how to find them. You need to know how to get yourself noticed – how to market yourself so you can get in front of the decision makers. You need to know how to stand out from the competition.

Take control.