Job Search Training – 3 Steps You Must Take to Find the Best Job

In a previous article I shared the 3 secrets that will help you find the best job in the shortest time. Below, you will learn the 3 steps you must take to put those secrets into action.

Step #1 – Get decision makers to meet with you.

Business executives and managers are constantly dealing with problems. Most of the time, they have not recognized that creating a job position or replacing a current employee who is not performing satisfactorily could solve a problem. Sometimes, the decision maker has thought about creating a new job, but has not firmly decided to do that yet. Even after deciding in their own mind, some decision makers will delay in letting others know about the job.

STOP! – Take a moment to consider everything you have read above. Now, think about how much your chances of getting a great job would be increased if you can get decision makers to meet with you before they have advertised the job!

Your chances increase even more if you can meet with them before they have realized that creating a job will solve a problem they have. You know that they have problems and, in many cases, you know that you can help solve at least one of those problems if they hire you. So, you know that a potential job exists.

THIS IS EXCITING! – You might be the only person who knows that there is a job! That includes the decision maker that you are meeting with! Talk about limiting the competition! Of course, you can’t just come out and say, “Hire me and I can solve this problem.” You must approach the decision maker is a way that makes him realize that he should hire you.

Step #2 – Present your talents, abilities, skills and knowledge in such a manner that a decision maker has to read it and think about it.

Many resumes and cover letters end up in the wastebasket or in the “rejection letter” stack. Job Finding Formula reveals a powerful technique that forces decision makers to read your resume and think about what they have read. By making use of “Step #3” below, you can make executives and managers want to meet with you! This may cause them to realize that hiring you can solve a problem that they have or that someone else they know has.

Step #3 – Use the principles of human behavioral science to achieve steps 1 and 2 above and to get referrals to other decision makers. Scientific studies have revealed the basis for human behavior. These principles have been tested and proven over many years.

Job Finding Formula explains how those principles apply to getting a job in simple language. The message is easy to understand and you will recognize it as true by examining how you act and why you act that way.

You can also use these principles to control every meeting in a way that does not offend the person with whom you are meeting. Using them during a job interview is a very powerful force in your favor. Job Finding Formula will describe exactly how to do that.

By applying the 3 steps above and putting these secrets to work for you, you will increase your chances to get a great job. To learn exactly, step by step, how to use them more effectively, get your copy of Job Finding Formula and put them to work for you.