Job Hunting and Social Networking Sites – What Do These Two Have to Do With Each Other?

Are you a fan of social networking sites? Did you know that these can affect greatly your chances of landing a job or even keeping it?

We don’t know but when we apply, some employers like to browse the web. It doesn’t mean that if they’re busy corporate individuals, they aren’t allowed to Google. As a matter of fact, there are tons of them who Google their applicants and find them at social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, even your blogs.

This can ruin all your hard work. Those beautiful answers to your job interview can be in vain or your well written resume and cover letter will all be in vain. Just a click can change their minds. As you can see, it’s all right to enter these social sites to meet friends and interact with your old ones. But, if you reveal too much, it can affect your chances of getting a job in the future.

Well, not all employers do this. Only some of them resort to this type of method. These are companies who wish to watch their reputation. By having irresponsible people in their firms, this can greatly damage them. If they stumble upon your page and find something they don’t like, chances are, you should wave goodbye to your possible job offer.

So, keep in mind that when having an account in these sites, you should never forget to watch what you type in your profile or what pictures to upload. You never know who’s looking at them. In fact, you should just keep your page private until you’re sure to get hired.