Looking for Basic Career Change Advice? – Have a Targeted Job Search Strategy

The best career change advice is this — have a laser like focus in your approach to job search. Without this, you’re setting yourself up for frustration, disappointment and rejection, and possibly a very long wait before career change becomes a reality for you. The current jobs market is tough with a recent article in USA Today describing the 2011 jobs market as being a buyers market. Therefore, to be successful in your job search, you will need to

about which employers you approach. You’ll also need to communicate with them in a way which clearly sets you apart from other job candidates. Developing a targeted job search strategy involves three basic steps:

Can you answer these questions about yourself?

If you are having difficulty in answering any of these questions you will certainly find it difficult to implement a targeted job search strategy. The answers to these questions are also necessary before you seriously get involved in step 2.

The outcomes from your self/career review means that you can then begin to research future employment opportunities. Options research means finding answers to some of the following questions:

These questions provide a filter for seeking out potential employer organisations. The best advice is to actually have a written list of employers you’d like to work for. These organisations would meet your needs in terms of:

The importance of having a written list is a key requirement for having a targeted job search strategy. Using this list you can begin to research each organisation so that you know what their needs are, and how and when they are most likely to recruit. Armed with this information you can then get stuck into step 3.

Having done your homework on the type of job you want, and the type of organisations you want to work for you should now be in a position to develop and implement your job search. You should be in a position to:

The best, most effective career change advice from any job search coach is likely to be – have a targeted job search strategy. This means being very clear about what you have to offer an employer, who your employers of choice are, and being able to communicate information that is appropriate to their needs in a way that sets you apart from other job seekers.