Fake Employment Ads & How to Best Avoid Them

The increasing pervasiveness of fake help wanted and employment ads is very alarming. They target the most vulnerable people at their most vulnerable time. Why?  For the purpose of data mining, identity theft and to market other companies by email spam campaigns. I urge you always to fight this practice whenever you can. Email the webmaster or management of the website that posts them so they can delete that account. Craig’s List now is requiring a phone number to be linked to the poster of most help wanted ads. Also they have started to charge a fee for them in larger cities as well.

Once you are sure a help wanted ad on Craig’s List is fake flag it, as prohibited. Then email the ad or the return email address to: abuse at Craig’s List dot org, this will get the ad deleted. Free classified ads are wonderful for all but as a community we must police them when appropriate. Here is how to spot a fake employment ad so you can make your job hunt as productive as possible: