Free FBI Criminal Background Checks Online – Government Records Lookups

When it comes to many high profile businesses, the standard background check is not enough. This leaves a company having to perform an FBI background check on their prospective employees. The reason for this may vary, but many companies like those that deal in investment securities or even armored car and transport companies will require the full-fledged check. Furthermore if you ever plan on going for a government contract, you will need to ensure that all of your employees can be trusted by putting them under a check.

Unlike a standard one which just checks with the national criminal records database, an FBI check goes a lot further. In this type of search, the person’s school records as well as anything that constitutes as someone’s “permanent record” will show up. In many cases, all a prospective employee has to do is to lie about a past residence and then you end up with an incomplete search since each jurisdiction is required to maintain their portion of the database whereas the FBI’s database is already compiled and complete. This is the most up to date criminal record database and if your company has to deal with people’s personal information or even large sums of cash, then chances are that you too will need to start running an record search on all of you prospective applicants.

These searches can also be related to the equivalent of having the prospective employee undergo a security clearance. While most people think that the government security clearance is just something for spies, this is untrue as many companies no utilize this type of search.

If you are worried that the information you are receiving from a standard record search is incomplete, then chances are that the Federal record check is what your company needs to start utilizing. While this type of search is obviously more expensive, it is also a lot more comprehensive than any other currently available.

Make sure that your next employee is a good choice for your company by having them undergo a Government record lookup today rather than the standard criminal background check. You will be amazed at the amount of information that is available through this type of background check.