Employers Guide to Choosing an International Employment Agency For Migrant Worker Recruitment

Tips for Reputation Management and Avoiding a PR Disaster:

So you have decided that hiring some foreign guest workers is a good way to go for your business and you can’t find enough local people with the skills needed or willing to do the job. Here is a quick guide to what to watch out for when choosing the right International recruitment agency to partner with to get the foreign workers to your door successfully, with visas and with the skills and attitude needed to be an asset to your business.

International recruiters who specialize in recruiting and screening skilled migrant workers and unskilled foreign workers from overseas have a different remit from local recruiters. There is no room for error, if a migrant worker does not have the skills needed or is a liability, troublemaker, alcoholic, drug user or whatever then what do you do with him?

The options for you and the foreign employee are extremely limited and you can see already that this isn’t likely to end well, Furthermore, you have lost that visa space that took your time, effort & money to get processed, if you asked for 10 people, you only have 9 left now and it is something that you can’t substitute for another Visa one…therefore wouldn’t you agree that these international recruiters should be far more diligent than your local staffing services?

Having been involved with and owning several International employment agencies since 1997, it’s fair to say that i know of all the tricks and games that go on within an industry, which is renowned for poor standards of screening and some very bad characters who make serious amounts of money by charging applicants thousands of dollars.

I have compiled a few top tips that may be helpful in your discussions with an international placement agency to help you avoid a major PR disaster and prevent you going into reputation management overdrive.

A good recruiter will offer you a lot of good, honest, helpful advice and help you to plan…not only for your immediate needs, but also for your future needs at the same time.

Here’s an example…In Australia, you can have nominations approved for up to two years, so if your immediate needs are for 10 people but in the next 2 years it is likely to be 50 or 60, the overseas recruitment agency should have enough knowledge and care enough to help you to understand this, both in terms of planning and sourcing the right people for the right time…even way ahead in advance.

You can apply for nominations in bulk and these cost $55 per nomination, but they can be paid “as and when” you use them. You would not have to pay for all 60 nominations at the outset, if you want 10 people immediately then only the ten nominations used need to be paid for. These are the type of things you need to be made aware of, and is also a sign that the recruiter is aware and knowledgable of the options that you have.

If the international recruiters can offer that type of advice then you might be on the right track, watch out for more tips in the series in my guide to choosing the right international recruiter for foreign workers.