Will Resume Blasting BLAST Your Job Search?

The only honest answer is that it might.

There are two common questions when it comes to resume distribution:

Yes, and yes. But only as a small part of a broader strategy that doesn’t depend on shooting your resume out to the world, and then waiting for the phone to ring.

Let’s talk in more detail about blasting for a moment.

Resume blasting has gotten a bad rap, mostly for two reasons.

First, some would make the case that blasting your resume to (potentially) thousands of recruiters means your search isn’t targeted enough.

Second, some disreputable blasting services made a habit of spamming recruiters with resumes that didn’t even come close to what they wanted.

Let’s deal with both.

When you post your resume and/or cover letter, indeed your search isn’t as laser-targeted as it could be. Neither are the documents themselves. That’s a necessity for that component of your search.

If you have a headhunter representing you, and you probably should, there’s also a risk that a potential employer or recruiter will get your blasted resume after your headhunter has already opened the door for you (he doesn’t get paid until you’re hired, so he’s working on your behalf). You’re in the door already! Demonstrating that you showed the same commercial to the world can look bad.

You know, when people bring up those points, they’re right.

They’re correct to say there’s a risk to blasting (and to posting). It’s possible you’ll step on yourself. It’s possible a potential employer will reject you for it. There’s very little in life without risk. A job search that incorporates posting and blasting has increased risk. Them’s the facts.

The spam issue is unfortunate. Do you hate spam? Well, recruiters loathe spam. Email is the means of establishing and maintaining contact that most recruiters prefer. In a sense, they make their living by email. They get LOTS of legitimate email. Adding a ton of spam to the pile is cruel.

So, after all that bad news…after all that increased risk…should you blast your resume?

If I were searching for a job right now, I would. That said, I wouldn’t expect to get hired from that component of my search.

Especially if time was of the essence, meaning I needed money immediately, I would blast, then get very busy. I would expect to be hired through networking, or with the help of a headhunter. The blasting and posting is really just a back-up plan. You might get lucky.

Reputable services with established track records aren’t going to spam recruiters. They’re going to send your resume to at least somewhat targeted recruiters who signed up to get it. So I don’t believe that’s a serious issue.

The idea that you’re not focused enough is true and false all at once. If you have an oustandingly prepared resume in a format that’s easy to digest, and a laser-focused cover letter that sells you like a heater to Eskimos, blast your stuff as part of a broader strategy.

Reputable services are going to get your resume and cover letter in front of folks who very much want to see them.

Whether you get hired that way or not is another matter.

Copyright (c) by Roy Miller