Summer Job Search Tips

Many job-seekers give up on finding new employment during the summer months, mistakenly thinking that it is a slow season for hiring or because they are distracted by the lazy pace of the summer months. For every business and hiring manager that may be on a hiring hiatus for a week or so during the summer season, there are even more that are looking to ramp up hiring to go into a new fiscal year fully staffed. Following tips for finding a job in the summer will help you land one faster – without breaking a sweat!

: One of the most direct summertime job search tips is to look for a sector of employment that relies heavily on summer season employment such as hospitality jobs in resorts, hotels and amusement parks. Landscaping, life guarding and summer camp counseling are also ripe with opportunity in the summer. Usually these jobs are contracted for just a few months, but for the high-performing employee, a repeat invitation may be extended for next year – or possibly even a permanent job in another area of the company.

Many companies end their fiscal year at the end of June each year. This means that new budgets have been prepared for the upcoming financial cycle and often new jobs or “on hold” jobs have been funded and managers have been given the green light for hiring. Getting your resume into the right person’s hands around the middle of June may give you first dibs on being interviewed and hopefully hired.

. Because summer is a time of vacations, trainings, and other activities that may take the hiring manager off-site, a job seeker needs to remember not to get discouraged and to follow up frequently. If a week or more has elapsed since you expected to hear back from a hiring manager, send an email or make a phone call to inquire about the status of the position. If you get word via automatic e-mail responder or from a voice mail that they are “out of the office”, try back every several days until you reach your contact.

Summer can be a time of many distractions; friends heading to the beach, long days at the park and backyard cookouts – the last time on a job-seeker’s mind may be actually finding a job! This can especially be true if the job search as been languishing on for a length of time and the feeling of discouragement has set in. However, staying focused on the goal of landing a job is as important during the summer as any other time of the year. Use your new found free time to research companies in the industry that you’d like to work in and brush up on

tips. Write your daily job search activities on a calendar so they remain “real” and mark each off as it is accomplished.