PSW Employment in Canada

The term PSW is actually an acronym for Personal Support Worker. In some ways using the term PSW can be seen as more correct, as a the government of Ontario classifies Residential Care Workers, Long Term Care Workers, Personal Aid Workers and Residential attendants as PSW’s in their literature and announcements.

Now that we have some of the technicalities sorted out let’s take a look at how much a personal support worker can expect to be paid in the province of Ontario.

The Canadian Union of Public Employees, which is known as CUPE released a research report that found unionized workers earning $14.65 on average when working in the public sector. They also found that non-unionized workers earned approximately $13.42. In private settings wage dropped to $11.74 for unionized public sector and $11.52 for non-unizoned employment.

The CUPE report was filed a few years back. Most likely PSW wages throughout Ontario have increased due to a 2007 pay increase ruling from the government of Ontario, which, in increments, increased the wages of a large portion of provinces PSW’s that worked in public facilities.

So at this point we’ve established that the pay is good. What’s the job market looking like? The good news is that this question has basically answered for us. Demand for PSW workers is increasing.

The government of Ontario recently committed an additional $107 million to their 2008 budget in order to specifically hire an additional 2500 personal support workers throughout the province by the year 2011.

With close to $15 an hour average wage and the provincial budget earmarking over $100 million in increased hiring PSW employment in Ontario looks to be on the rise.