In Today’s Business World, a Pre-Employment Background Check is a Must

Are you in charge of your workplace hiring? Do you run a small business? If yes to either then it is important that each employment decision made be based on current and trustworthy data. Employment background screens are available to everyone nowadays. And it should be a integral part of your hiring process.

Imagine these two scenarios: you are interviewing for a job in your company and have an applicant you like. He tells you that while he was in college, he participated in an ill-conceived fraternity stunt which resulted in a vandalism charge. He tells you this, as well as expresses his regret and his stellar record ever since. You decide to hire him. Now, say the same person lies on his application, says he has absolutely no criminal record whatsoever. You find out in the course of your pre-employment background check process that he does, in fact, have a record for vandalism. While it was some years ago and involved no violence to anyone, the fact that he lied is of paramount importance. You decide not to hire him. The key in both decisions is having the total set of facts.

When hiring positions that involve caring for children, sick or elderly patients or those which involve handling sums of cash or confidential information, employment checks is absolutely essential. It should also be used in every industry because not only do you depend on your business for a wage, your other employees count on their jobs as well. Fortunately, with the right service, the process is easy and convenient.

The first step is to find a screening company that will provide you with the most complete data. When considering a service, inquire what databases they use and what additional utilities they have at their disposal. For instance, if they check public records only, they may miss vital records that are available only through physical court searches. They must offer more, including credit checks, criminal histories from the local to the federal level, civil searches, public records searches, identify verification and more. If they do not offer all the information you need, find a service that can.

The next step is to check whether the service is a member of any professional organizations, such as the National Association of Background Screeners or the National Association of Government Contractors. You need to check your pre-screening service, is one way of looking at it. This step should not take long, and it will provide you with a sense of well being knowing that you have the best resources at work for you.

After these initial steps, you simply contact the company that you have decided to use. You need to provide the relevant information, or you may have an agent contact you to discuss any concerns or answer any questions that you have about the work flow. Then, it is a matter of providing as much data as possible about your applicant and letting the service work for you. Many of the top pre-employment screening services have streamlined processes and complete this in a timely, efficient manner.

The results of pre-employment screening services are invaluable in aiding your hiring process; in addition, to ensuring you have a qualified, legal employee, it may very well help protect you against liability or other problems in the future. The nominal cost and effort of the search is more than worth it to your business.