Home Data Entry – Free Online Data Entry Job Site Tips

There are at least three ways in applying for a work from home data entry job. You can join a program, offer your services or apply in offices that you think requires your services and last but not the least you may sign-up in online job sites such as Odesk, Elance, Aquent, Adveres, Bidradar, CGI Lance, CTIjobs, Codelance, Coswap, Design Quote, Developreneurs and many others. In this article I will focus more in discussing how applying for data entry jobs through free online job sites works. I hope this article will prove to be useful for those who would like to find authentic data entry work online.

To be able to join in a free online job site you need to sign-up. To do that you need a valid email address and post your resume. When you post your resume make sure that it is error free (no incorrectly spelled words please) and it must be done with the purpose of showing job providers that you are a very capable service provider. Your resume should show interested employers at a glance your skills related to the job that you are applying for,your professional experience (not required but very advantageous if you have one) and educational background (you should be at least a high school graduate to be able to qualify).

Some online job sites will require you to take a readiness test. You will have to read their policies to be able to pass and you are also to take basic skills tests such as English grammar and spelling tests, Microsoft Excel and Word skills assessment tests and basic office skills tests. Some employers will require you to have a specific grade in a specific area before you will be qualified to apply. Also be prepared to post your work portfolio online or email samples if your work anytime because most job providers will ask for one.

There are many data entry job leads posted online and if you are a beginner my advice is for you to bid with low rates first. You have to build-up your name and show your real worth before you can take in more challenging projects with higher pay. Also before applying please take note if the job is fixed rate or if you will be paid hourly. Know what would be the payment method. Will payment be sent through Pay Pal, direct deposit, wire transfer and et cetera. Know what the payment schedule is to avoid inconvenience.

Though it is true that there is unlimited opportunity in this occupation the truth is it is getting competitive since these jobs are being outsourced offshore too and with the economic crisis more and more people are looking for alternative employment since a full-time office job is hard to find lately. As a beginner in order to be able to compete it is smart move to enroll in a legitimate data entry program that will provide you with assistance in starting-up so that you will reach your employment goals and earning targets. The National Data Entry is one of the very few well established programs online that offers the best assistance to service providers in fact it is considered as one of the top programs available online. For detailed information on how their program works kindly please click the link below.