Job Interview Tips You Can Use to Ace the Interview and Land the Job


is not the most harrowing thing you will go through in your life, but that can be very hard to believe as you walk into the office of your prospective employer! Unless you’re very lucky, at one point or another, you will be going through this ordeal. Though it might be nerve-wracking, there is no reason you cannot come through it with flying colors by keeping in mind these

. The job interview tips below have been gathered from managers and interviewers and they definitely bear keeping in mind

Before you even walk into the building for the first time, there are things you can do to control the situation. The first, most obviously, is to be well-dressed and well-groomed. You have the opportunity to plan your first impression and you should do so accordingly. To mentally steel yourself for the experience, learn everything you can about the company you’re interviewing with.

What is their corporate mission statement? Finding out this information can give you a real edge in the interviewing process. You can tailor your response to match their policies and the fact that you have put in the extra effort to learn about them will show your prospective employers how serious you are.

Remember that the interviewer will be evaluating the way you present yourself, and not just the answers you give. You can give a perfectly good answer to a question and still not get the job if you deliver it poorly. Relax and think before you talk. Your posture will reveal a great deal about you. Sit up straight and make good eye contact with the interviewer. Be polite and engaging, but remember to avoid slang.

Most importantly, don’t lie! Lies can caught, and while not knowing something might not be a bar to employment, being a liar definitely is. To avoid seeming arrogant, ask no questions about the salary or benefits until a job offer is made.

Don’t forget that the company is looking for the right person to fill their position and that person might not be you. If you are lacking something that they’re looking for, no number of job interview tips will win you the position. Make sure that you are qualified for every job you apply for.

It never hurts to be prepared. Even if it’s not requested, there are certain things to bring to every interview. A social security card, your resume, your references, your transcripts and your government-issued ID are all things that are good to have with you when you walk in.

Afterwards, no matter how you feel the interview went, smile and thank your interviewer and later follow up with a thank-you note. Whether or not you get the job, this will cement you in the company’s memory as a thoughtful candidate. Remember that just because you don’t get one position doesn’t mean you won’t get another in the same company.


are things you should keep in mind; they’re great ways to avoid tripping as you put your best foot forward!