Young Physicians Employment Perspectives and Options

Young physicians just out of residency and ready for the job hunt. Probably money is not the main concern, but still a good start salary, nice benefits package and a palace where to be treated with respect is the purpose of the search. Probably everybody heard that out there are places in which senior doctors abuse the young new comers, imposing an impossible call schedule, dumping “problem patient on them and so on… How are you going to decide? Here are few options:

where your kids grow and study.. That’s easy.. All you have to do is find a job. And now you taking the risk of jumping in a “pack like” practice organization. Not doing a full research about the establishment, the existing physicians and their relation with the staff is going to cost you few years of nightmare or at least stress. I was there I’ve done that.

. After long hours of research and questions you decide on the place you want to be, but do not forget that your life is not only about the office, is also about your family and your private life. You might love your work, but the surroundings might not be what you wanted for your future.

You need to take a risk, probably a big one, but with hard work, lot of stress and some luck in a year or so you will be all right. Now remember, not everybody has the organization skill and willingness to learn it as you go, essential factor to succeed. But at the end you will be your own boss and sole decisions maker of your future!

Physicians’ jobs are among most costly to advertise but for employment seekers should be FREE! If you decide that “own practice” is not for you

would be a god point to start the hunt!