Follow Up Letters After a Rejection

The expression, “When you fall off a horse, you’ve got to get back in the saddle” applies to finding a job as well. Most of us know how hard it is to go through the interview process, get your hopes up about landing a dream job, only to be crushed by a rejection letter saying “we appreciate your interest, but you are not a match at this time”.

Many job seekers will want to retreat from their search for employment after being turned down, especially with the contacts at the company that just spurned them. However, as hard as it may feel, following up after a job rejection is an important step in the job hunt and may even possibly be the feather in your hat that ultimately gets you back in the workforce.

Ben Franklin has said that “energy and persistence conquer all things”. Show your stick-to-it-iveness by creating a positive letter that you can send to your interviewer that communicates your continued interest in the position, reiterates how your skills could benefit the company, and to thank the contact for making their acquaintance.

Not only does writing a post-rejection follow-up letter show an unparalleled level of graciousness, it also can be your foot back in the door if the candidate hired instead of you unexpectedly leaves or is let go after a few months on the job or if new work jobs arise. These types of departures happen more frequently than you think after the honeymoon period is over and conflicting expectations arise. Even if you weren’t at all in the running for the job, a follow up letter shows that you are a resilient, high-quality professional. With this in mind, you will develop a valuable reputation and possibly be referred for opportunities elsewhere.