Jobs For Stay at Home Mums

Jobs for stay at home mums vary in skill level and sustainability. Before you jump into buying a work from home course, business guide or apply for jobs be sure that you are ready to persist at learning something new. Be aware that it can be frustrating when you are new to working staying at home with no one looking over your shoulder like regular job, stay at home jobs can bring constant challenges if you don’t get proper support and mentoring.

If you prefer an actual job that pays from home there are many things your can do that fit around your lifestyle. You can do things such as mail order filling, audio typing (typing dictation), become an online personal assistant, do paid research, and more. Like all jobs work from home jobs have their ups and downs. A good thing about online hiring is you potentially will be hired by employers anywhere in the world which can allow you that time flexibility you may need if you have time restrictions as a stay at home mum.

If you are still trying to work out what kind of work suits you as a stay at home mum this is a great opportunity to dream and just let your imagination wander. This might help… imagine what ideal way of life you would have if your choices had nothing to do with money. How would you like to spend your days? What did you love to do as a kid? Are you a people person? Are you a studious person? Are you a creative person? Are you all these things?

Once you have some ideas then do some browsing online for making a living in a field that excites you. A simple search in Google will do, search something like… ‘Jobs Ideas for Creative People’ or something like that. You’ll find plenty of information.

Once you have narrowed down your interest to something that you might like to pursue long term then it’s time to choose between two key choices –

1. Do you want a job working for someone else? or

2. Do you want to set up a small business?

You your answer is you want a job, then one option you have is put up a profile on freelancing websites and a list of skills then take some time to look around for jobs that interest you. Or look in your local paper or website job search pages.

If you preferred to start a business and you are looking for an online business there are two categories of business models available

1. Ones that require a financial investment to launch advertising immediately

2. Ones that require only a small amount of money and an investment of your time.

Then do some research accordingly to find out which courses have worked for other people.

1. Always look for a money back guarantee

2. Look for courses that offer follow up services to you.

3. Be prepared to find a lot of people teaching this stuff. When choosing go with your gut feeling, trust the feeling, and when you buy the course persist with it until you are profiting. Persistence pays (literally).

Working from home requires a person to have good time management and commitment (others would say persistence) because working from home sounds nice but has it’s challenges. If you decide to learn to build an online business be sure to buy a course that has real life follow up support.

A widely known fact is many of today’s most famous business owners had parents that were small business owners too. What I’m getting at is, being self employed in business can potentially set up your childrens’ future as entrepreneurs rather than employees. Children follow in their parents footsteps and you may well have experienced in your own life. Being self employed certainly helps your own confidence as a person but another important thing to remember is – whatever you are going through also rubs off vicariously to your kids. Plus if your children are old enough why not see if they’d like to get involved in your new venture and help you in some way. Have some fun together while you’re making that much desired extra cash.