In Search of a Sample Cover Letter for an Employment?

Thanks to the Internet, job seekers have easier access for a sample cover letter which they can use when they are composing one for a possible employment. They believe that if they can change a few wordings here and there, they will be able to have a cover letter of their own. Not really.

Not only is this lazy, it is also not proper. Think of cover letter as the first impression the company has on you as a possible employee. Therefore, your cover letter must indicate your own experiences, your own skills and your own achievement. It also helps that you mention more about the company than yourself. This gives the employer the impression that you have done your research and are clearly interested in working for the company.

A cover letter is a tool to attract attention and sell yourself to the hiring managers. Remember that employers are drowning in paperwork. They are most probably buried underneath thousands or cover letters, resumes and emails from those who are also interested in the position you are applying for. Why should your resume be the one that is cast aside?

Basically, cover letters separate the candidates. Just by reading the cover letter, employers already have an idea whether the applicant is right or wrong for their company. Therefore, when composing your cover letter, you should do your homework. Remember to stand out in any way possible.

Those who want to stand out do so by composing cover letters that already reflect a side of them. This gives the employer an idea of what kind of person they are. By merely copying a sample letter online, the applicant loses the possibility of making himself known. The cover letter must be something that lets the applicant be out there for the employer to see. Therefore, the cover letter must be original and communicating. Show that you are motivated and creative. The more interest you have in the company, the higher the chances you have of being hired.

Another key in writing an effective cover letter is by putting yourself in the shoes of the employer. What exactly do you want to read in a cover letter? Imagine spending the day reading thousands of cover letters – most of which are the same. You need something that will grab your attention. You need something creative, earnest and genuine. Usually, Hiring Managers focus on how well the cover letter communicates. It must direct and specific. The more straightforward, the better.

It also helps to have a “passion paragraph.” Now, this is the part of the cover letter where the employer explains what the company will benefit once they decide to hire him. Most importantly, it convinces the employer why you should get that coveted interview schedule.

The contents of this particular paragraph vary from one applicant to the other. It also depends on the position they are applying for. This reason alone clearly shows that one cannot merely depend on a sample cover letter that is available online.

Cover letters are personal. They may be used professionally but whatever you write there must still have “you” spelled all over it. This does not mean that you’ll be casual in phrasing your words. This is still professional paperwork so you have to be professional with your choice of words.