Tips for Finding Independent Contractor Jobs Online

Independent contractors looking for jobs online can save time by heeding some of the tips provided by the many people who have gone before them. Searching any topic online usually produces an overwhelming number of responses. There are many online job opportunities that conform to the independent contractor status as established by the IRS.

The first step in finding the right online job for you is researching the opportunities that appeal to you the most.

Don’t be discouraged by the hype and bogus claims – envision the web as a global “marketplace” – like a huge flea market or trade show – full of vendors hawking their wares. Like a flea market or trade show, there will be varying degrees of reputability. Not all of the vendors will have the best interests of the consumer in mind. Welcome to the real world…

The biggest challenge will be determining which ones are legitimate. Learn to read between the lines. Do the claims appear to be true or false? After some fruitless exploration, will you begin to be able to distinguish one from the other. Common sense alone will help weed out the most obvious.

“Due diligence” requires that you dig deeper. Visit forums related to the subject you are researching to find out more about. Don’t be afraid to submit your name and email to learn more about an opportunity. The worst thing that will happen is that you will get on someone’s email list and receive lots of emails from them. That might not be the worst thing, as they might end up offering you something of interest to you. If not, you can always unsubscribe or direct them to your “junk” folder.

Remember your purpose. You are sifting through many opportunities to find the right one for you. How much time and effort would that take if you had to find an independent contractor job without the internet? How many dead-end interviews, unanswered ads, and unreturned phone calls would it take you to find the right thing for you in the brick-and-mortar world?

If possible, be willing to spend a little money to purchase some information, or sign up for some training. Sometime, the only way you will be able to locate the ideal opportunity for you is by eliminating some that look good at first, but come up a little short after you learn more about them.

Consider this: The average college student spends $550 per semester on textbooks and the average tuition cost at a 2 year college is almost $3,000. So don’t be afraid to invest some money in your future. If you pursue your goal, you will recoup those costs. Many people are making very substantial incomes working as an independent contractor online.