Can Online Survey Website Make Money, Or Are These Online Paid Surveys A Scam?

Let me share with you about a highly guarded secret about the online paid survey money business. This critical piece of information is basically what the professionals have been doing and what serves as a barrier to entry for the amateur for most of you and which in effect protects the jobs of the professionals in this line of business.

What I am going to explain to you how survey website work and why some people make good money out of these paid survey(e.g. $50-$90 per hour), while some people sign up to hundreds of different bogus companies but never receive a check in the mail and only to give up in vain.

The first and most important myth that I will like to dissipate is that all companies that ask for online survey participants are large and reputable companies. I will be honest with you, The majority of online survey websites are run by just one person. 90% of all online survey sites are actually run by one person who collects the data and then re-sells it to larger established survey sites for a good profit. (hard to swallow ya?)

It is this very reason that you often hear of complains from many people saying that they have signed up with hundreds of different online paid survey websites and never received a single check at all. These people thought that they were smart and therefore just went online to search for paid survey sites and then signed up for all the sites without even going through a process of background check to see if these survey sites were even reputable to begin with.

People who just sign up for any survey site without doing a background check are wasting their time and I can almost guarantee that they will never receive a single check for all their survey efforts! It is for this very reason that you have professional survey “executives” as I will like to call them and the novice idiots who never get paid a single cent.

Just to drill it in a little bit more, the most important thing to have is a list of REPUTABLE survey companies that would consistently pay you for your hard work! (There are – fortunately) And thats it! Get this into your head well and understand this very important basic concept if you want to succeed in this work from home business.

Paid online surveys can be a scam – if you do not heed the above advise.