Unveiling the New You – Energize Your Job Search by Reinventing Yourself For New Opportunities

The economy is making a turn. We are indeed moving toward the up cycle. The question is are you ready?

A period of unemployment is a great opportunity. Most people don’t see it as such as they are busy looking to get the next job and start bringing in a paycheck. That is a most noble cause and people should be applauded for keeping the positive attitude and looking to bring normalcy back to their lives. There is however an opportunity that is often missed, and that is the opportunity to make real and desired change.

We hear on the news how so many now successful companies stated during an economic downtime. This is no coincidence, considering the fact that during these periods people are so resourceful, and invest in finding new and creative ways to meet their financial needs. They also have a bit more time to devote to new enterprises and experiments. One of the main factors is that the risk associated with taking a chance on a dream does not seem as great if you’re not quitting your job to “chase a dream” (as many would label it). 

Imagine if people were taking the creative little things that they do to supplement their unemployment checks and really investing in transitioning these talents from supplemental income to a self-sustaining businesses. If a musician can get to play a couple nights per week at a club to supplement their unemployment compensation, that musician may also need to be looking at what can be done to turn those couple night into a career. The artist who is making party favors on the side may want to think of ways to build a business around that creativity.

The opportunities in unemployment are not just for the entrepreneurial spirits. During these “down times” in the economy, it’s also an opportunity for individuals to seek out and enter fields that they have considered. Unemployment is an opportunity to take a chance and go for a change, pursue a delayed passion.

For some people the need for change may be put upon them, and they have to adjust. For example, many people were earning a sizeable income as realtors, but are now unemployed because sales have slowed, the field is not longer as lucrative. While there are still many opportunities in real estate, there are probably not enough of a need to accommodate the number of people who once depended on this industry as their source of income. 

The individuals who will leave the field still find themselves in a good position, because they have many marketable skills that can be transferred to different industries which are getting ready for an economic come back. While the example was focused on one particular field, the concept can be applied to any position. People who were downsized by their companies in any industry now have this opportunity to reinvent their professional selves. 

Reinvent yourself and revitalize your career. There are many minor changes that can be made to change a resume. 

This does not mean or even suggest lying or fluffing up actual credentials. A new and different way to sell the same valuable package to different clientele is possible, but it takes the willingness to go after the desired or needed change.

In this economy, adaptability is very important. 

Being able to have our desired lives means that we must put forth the effort to get it. That means that for many people, this could require stepping out of the comfort zone and looking at opportunities that were not previously seen as viable. The timing is perfect for people who are looking to explore new opportunities and pursue certain goals. As a personal coach, I have had the opportunity to help people in making that transition. 

What I have discovered is that goals and dreams are only out of reach when we are not willing to reach for them. As the economy prepares to swing back to the other side of the pendulum, my wish for everyone who is or will be looking for work or even a second job, is that what you are doing will be what you enjoy doing. My advice then, is to take the time to prepare for your coming opportunity. If you need to enlist the help of a professional, do that. In the end you will be glad you followed your passion.


© 2009 Judi Cinéas