The Use Of KPI For Recruitment

Recruitment plays a crucial role in the success of a business. Hiring the right people for the jobs available in the company is an effective way to increase profitability. For this reason, businesses take recruitment as a serious concern. In fact, there are companies who hire services of other firms to do the recruitment for them. Here, they draft KPI for recruitment as basis for their standards.

KPI or Key Performance Indicators are specific measures set by either an organization or company to assess the performance of a certain area of the business. Thus, if manpower of the company is the one being looked at, then recruitment KPIs are used. KPIs are important since they are the factors that can qualify whether a specific area of the business is functioning well or not. Business owners also use KPIs as basis for implementing changes.

Companies would always aim to improve their recruitment process. To do this, they utilize recruitment KPIs. The three important areas to consider in improving human resources are duration, quantity, and quality.

Duration here means the time that the company is able to fill a vacant position. It should be understood that it would not be beneficial to the company if longer time were spent in hiring. Take note that a position is available because there is lack of manpower. However, this does not mean that there are not tasks that come with the job that need to be done. Therefore, hiring should be made urgent as much as possible.

Quantity meanwhile refers to the number of applicants. The more applicants recruited for a single position, the better it is for the company. This is because finding the right individual for the job can be easier if one has a wide selection of candidates. On the part of the recruitment staff, they see to it that the vacancies are effectively advertised. The purpose of advertising here is to reach as many jobseekers as possible.

Quality is the most important thing to consider. Remember that the key to a successful business is hiring the right people. Such is the challenge for the recruitment department of any company. From the wide selection of candidates, it is the responsibility of the recruitment staff to screen and put in the shortlist qualified applicants. Decision-making is a big factor here. Those tasked to do to the screening should be very keen on details. Other than this, they have to carefully check the background or experience of the candidate. Above all, they have to be knowledgeable on what the company is looking for in an applicant.

Another area of the recruitment that should be given due importance is training. The job of the recruitment staff does not end in hiring the employees. They likewise have to ensure that the people they hired will continuously be productive and effective. It is a fact that everyone needs training, even those highly qualified individuals. This is because technology and trends change. Employees therefore are expected to upgrade their skills in accordance with the latest development of the industry, which the company belongs to.

In conclusion, any area of human resource of a company should make use of KPI for recruitment. This is because success lies in quality produce, and such can only be obtained with effective manpower.