Job Search Help – Are You About to Make These 3 Deadly Mistakes Using Outplacement?

Are you failing to get in writing what Outplacement or “Inplacement” will give you?

Do you find yourself in useless group meetings?

You give up and stop getting Outplacement help?

These are 3 of the deadliest mistakes you can make with pre-paid job search assistance. Read this entire article and learn what to do instead:

– You fail to get in writing a) What Outplacement or “InPlacement” services are yours, b) Who will counsel you? (name & cell phone number of every counselor), and C) How many days the services will last (start date and end date).

Why is it a mistake? – Because if you don’t have an “agreement” in writing, you have no leverage in case the service stinks. No one will look out for you.

What you should do instead. – Meet the head of the firm. Nail what to expect and its quality and what help you will not get. Is there a limit to how much time you can spend with professional counselors? Quality varies widely. Find out who are the best people available to you. Show them you are a hard worker looking for work.

– You attend endless group counseling meetings to hear about resumes, cover letters, interviewing, negotiating salary, and what services you will receive.

Why is it a mistake? – Outplacement firms do not get paid to run group meetings. They are hired to assist you in finding a new job so you won’t sue your former employer. You will not find a job from attending meetings.

What you should do instead. – After one group meeting get one-on-one assistance every time you are in their offices. Some counselors are good about resumes. Others about marketing. Still others are into assessments and psychological testing. Choose what you need and avoid the rest.

– You stop showing up for help offered by the Outplacement firm or by the “Inplacement” committee appointed by your former employer.

Why is it a mistake? – Looking for a job by yourself is depressing and rarely successful. If you don’t stay in their faces you lose. Few Outplacement firms call and ask where you are. They get paid whether you show up, or not, or get a job, or not. The service is yours free.

What you should do instead. – Write a 3, 4, or 5 page marketing plan at the Outplacement offices. Get help. Show it to everyone, including other clients; not former co-workers. This will demonstrate you are very serious about finding a good job faster. You must market you to the outplacement firm and their people or they will think you are a loser and not interested in finding a new job. Show Up On Time Every Time every business day. It matters.