Top Job Related Websites That You Should Be Utilizing in Any Job Search

It is no surprise that these days in order to find a job or start a new career anywhere you have to be quick and visible. Lead, move over or get out of the way is the name of the game. If you have become unemployed and need to find a position quickly you will have to utilize many different online platforms to be most effective and marketable. It will be important as a job seeker to be ready to answer emails and return phone calls very swiftly. Most employers will schedule a few interviews first so if you respond quickly enough and really shine during the interview process there is a good possibility that the employer might not even look for another candidate. But you will have to have your resume sitting on all the top posting sites online. Here are some to get you started.

Monster: Probably one of the oldest resume posting sites out there but a very important one. Yes there are hundreds of thousands of people on this website searching everyday but don’t let that discourage you. A great deal of big named companies are on this site looking for talent so it is still very important to launch a profile and fill it out completely just in case.

CareerBuilder: CareerBuilder is another site that has been around since the early days of internet job hunting but also a very important website to be visible on. Each job seeker should be searching on this website and should also have a resume visible. Even thought you might feel like you are lost at sea searching through a site like this it is important to not forget about it. Job hunting now is a numbers game so the more areas you are visible the more likely you are to land a new position.

Craigslist: Craigslist has become a big contender for all job related websites. Many employers have been known to choose Craigslist over some of the bigger job sites like mentioned above. Signing up to Craigslist feeds so you know when jobs are listed or just by visiting every few hours you might be able to find those niche industry jobs locally that you might be looking for.

Kijiji: Kijiji is very similar to Craigslist but much more appealing to the eye. Another great area to not only frequent for job opportunities but also to post a resume. Kijiji is quickly growing in rankings and traffic and is a website that should be frequented often. Remember that now is the time to be navigating through as many areas and websites as possible so don’t neglect any including this one.

Oodle: Oodle is another classified site that should not be forgotten about when searching for anything job related. Oodle is another website that requires a presence of anyone that is in today’s job market looking for new employment.