Stop Job Hunting – Outsource Your Job Search!

I have not met one person yet that wants to be out looking for a job. So here is something you can do about the drudgery and rejection:

Outsourcing is inexpensive and saves time and those are two major reasons the practice has become so popular for corporations. If you lost your last job to outsourcing I can not think of a better way to get even! Outsourcing your hunt to find a job has several advantages:

There is one more huge benefit. Outsourcing can help you maintain a

Imagine being able to focus on other things and just receiving emails or text messages telling you when and where your interviews are. You avoid the grunt work of searching for open positions, posting your resume, sending out cover letters, following up, and taking calls. You are less harried and more prepared for interviews.

Depending on your budget, you can outsource just about everything about your job search; except maybe one thing; while sending someone in your place to the interviews sounds like a great idea, this is the one part you need to do yourself.You can outsource your resume writing, job search, resume posting and sending, phone messages, networking, interview scheduling, and follow ups. You can even have a personal job search assistant.

The keys to successful outsourcing are:

Be organized

: Select services from established outsourcing firms. There are numerous websites where you can outsource the tasks of your job search such as, or

Make sure each person you outsource a project to understands your expectations. Spell out everything you expect them to do and not do. Screen them before hiring and answer their questions promptly. Communication in email and on message boards is easily misinterpreted. Tell them how quickly you will be responding to them during their engagement. Do not expect people to respond to you any faster than you respond to them. Stay in touch with them and assign specific times for duties and deadlines for projects.

If you are capable of doing this yourself, use the Resume Dictionary for resume writing power words. You will find using the power words and examples there will give you a ginormous edge. The Resume Dictionary also has a wealth of information to help you. If you are going to outsource your resume writing, make sure you hire a reputable resume writer. Check with the organizations that offer resume writer certifications and browse their member list.

: Provide a description of the positions you are seeking to your assistant. Tell them you want them to scan the web and send you a list of all open positions that match your criteria. Besides your qualifications, be sure to include specifications such as geographic area and company size if these are important to you. Offer to pay so much for a list of twenty five or more per week. You can even exclude the major job search sites such a Monster or Hot Jobs if you wish. Have them send your list to you at a specific time each week. You can then send your resume and cover letters or have your assistant do this.

Regardless of how you post or distribute your resume, many employers will use the phone to make contact with you. The last things you want to happen is for them to hear an unprofessional message, catch you at an inopportune or awkward moment, or even worse, have someone else answer your phone inappropriately. So get a private number just for your job search. You can have someone answer your phone or check the messages for you.

Get a company profile before any interview. Imagine the confidence you will have with a rap sheet on the company before the interview. You can know what they do, the number of employees they have, whether they are privately held or publicly traded, and even their mission statement. When an interview is scheduled you can have a company profile form completed and delivered to you. Request any MySpace or Facebook information on the person you are interviewing with. Finding common ground with your interviewer can be an advantage as long as the information is not personal. For instance, discovering you attended the same college could give you an edge.

Give your new worker a list of people to contact that know you. Have them contact each one announcing him or herself as your new personal job search assistant. This will no doubt get their attention and make them take your job hunt seriously. Have your assistant send them a summary of the types of positions you are interested in. Ask them to keep their eyes and ears open for you.

Make sure your assistant sends out a thank you note for every phone call and interview. Emails are great for phone calls though a personal note after an interview will score points. If your assistant has legible penmanship, let them do the work. Make sure your return address is on the envelope and inside on the note, especially if the postmark will be another state or country. If your assistant is in another country, check the expected mail delivery time.