Online 14 Year Old Jobs – Paid Surveys For 14 and Up!

Before, our older sisters or big brothers or our parents had it rough when it comes to finding 14 year old jobs to supplement extra wants. If they wanted to find a job, they had to ask it from neighbors or check out church bulletin postings in hopes of getting a job.

And usually, what they get are jobs that adults will be embarrassed to do, like wearing fast food mascot costumes, doing a paper route or mowing the lawn on a regular basis.

Lucky for us, we now have the internet. The internet offers a number of online based 14 year old jobs that will help you get a significant amount of money, not just money for some burgers but money to buy you clothes, gadgets and accessories.

There are two types of internet jobs available for 14 year olds. The first type is internet jobs wherein you would have to sell something, be it a tangible product, a service, your knowledge and so on.

The second type is the internet jobs that will require just your time. These are online survey jobs. This means that all you need to do is go to a site, fill out some surveys and you get paid. You get paid for your opinions.

This second type may sound easy but fact of the matter is, there are some survey sites that are scamming unsuspecting online survey answerers so best to find a legitimate and paying online survey site before investing any time on answering and delivering.