How to Shorten the Odds For Job Search Success

Your job search can feel like a numbers game with the odds stacked against you. You know what I mean? You send out 300 job application letters and get maybe six invitations to interview.

If you’re lucky, you might be rewarded with one job offer. And you are grateful, after all it’s a job. But if you don’t get that offer, you start your job search again…

You send out three hundred job application cover letters with your resume etc. etc.

What you need is to find a way to shorten the odds and that can be easier than you think.

Most people still work the numbers and with the unemployment rate increasing across all economies, the competition is just getting bigger. It means more people are sending out those application letters as their main job search activity and any organization that IS hiring is becoming more overwhelmed with job seekers who are desperate.

This is where you have the opportunity to shorten the odds.

Even a small improvement in your job search skills will put you way in front of most other people in the market; if you can make small improvements in each of the key areas that really matter, you can give yourself a MASSIVE ADVANTAGE and win more job offers.

The differences that you create, however small, in lots of important areas will mean a major and distinct advantage to your success rate and your job search success will respond to shorter odds!