Unlock the Hidden Job Market – 6 Steps to a Successful Job Search When Times Are Tough

With unemployment rates as they are, and more gloom and doom reports for the near future prevalent on every media, people without work need some encouragement, and that is just what “Unlock The Hidden Job Market: 6 Steps To A Successful Job Search When Times Are Tough” by Duncan Mathison and Martha Finney provides. But don’t think this book is just a rah rah set of cheers that there are jobs out there, it is much more than that. The book is full of practical, though somewhat unconventional, advice on locating and landing a new job.

The book suggests that the traditional approach to finding a job: Looking at ads in the paper or on-line, submitting a resume, hoping for an interview, and then interviewing and hoping you get the position is not the best way to go about finding a new job. The book lays out a networking strategy to find and land a new job. There are some very practical tidbits of wisdom and advice here for all job seekers, but the strategies themselves are better suited for certain white-collar professional positions. The strategies are also geared more toward people living in a larger metropolitan area. Sure, some of the tactics will work in smaller cities and towns, but the reality of some of these places is there are not the opportunities or the people to network with. Not as described in this book.

For those reasons, I think this book will be most helpful to those individuals living in cities and wanting white-collar professional positions. However, for the price of the book, and the ease of reading, anyone looking for a job would benefit some, especially some of the parts that encourage those that become discouraged at the entire process. That little ray of light and one of the many strategies might be the stimulus needed to find and land a new job. There are a lot of traditional job-hunting books out there. I really like that this book took a different approach, and for some, this approach would probably be much more fruitful for finding a desired position. If you are out of work and looking, or thinking of changing jobs, this book may be just what you need.