Effective Cover Letters For Teaching Jobs Abroad

In case you have made a mind of getting an online teaching job, there are number of things that you would need to plan well for. There are many international teaching job organizers with which you would need to register. Some examples of such organizers are Search-Associates and The International Educator (TIE). Sometimes, you would need to search yourself at the internet for an international teaching job of your choice.

There are various important steps that you would need to take for effective job search. Writing an impressive cover letter is one such step with which you can advertise yourself for any opportunity that might be available. To make the recruiter have a good detailed look at your application, it is very important that you write a good cover letter. There are a number of purposes that a cover letter serves like providing information about you, raise interest of the recruiter in your application and impressing him.

There are many points that you need to keep in mind while writing a cover letter, few of which are listed below:

1. The international schools would surely have an idea that you are going to apply to many other schools as well. Even then, you should take enough care while designing your cover letter that it doesn’t reflect this fact. You must include some sentences stating the reason for your desire to join that particular school. You can state that you have the right kind of experience for the position that is being offered and you are fit for the size of the class. You must take note of mentioning the name of the recruiter which can be found out from the advertisement or the school’s website. The recruiters would get impressed with such steps and feel that you are actually interested in taking a position with them.

2. There is a possibility that you might be a teaching couple. In such a case, keep multiple cover letters handy. It is also possible that the school may or may not be having enough opportunities for both of you. It is very necessary that the member with better qualification and experience is presented upfront and the flexibility of the other member is mentioned as well. It is quite possible that the schools take up both of the members.

3. You need to keep the cover letter to an optimum length. There must be separation between qualification, experience and other achievements. The cover letter must be effective in leading the recruiter to read your resume. There are various rules like having six points in every power point slide and six words in every point. Further, in case you are submitting your application online, the application should be shorter as people tend to avoid reading too much on computer screen.

Hence, we can see that these are the three most important points to be kept in mind while drafting a cover letter as most of the employers have very limited time to go through your application.