Employment Law – Better Know and Understand it in the Building Industry

Not all small businesses are enforced equally by OSHA. There are certain industries were OSHA knows they will find problems, fraud, unfinished paperwork, improper employee notifications, poor training, and thus, collect fines, fees, or even arrests for misconduct or violation of its laws, rules, and regulations. When it comes to employment law and OSHA-standards one of the most enforced industries is the building sector.

This is why those in the construction sector need to be in full compliance, and have their managers and project managers go through training. There are many online education programs that can be completed for a very low cost and get the company up to speed. Often a small construction company will end up with a big contract and then it will have to hire employees and grow the business. Each time it hires more employees it has more of a risk of a surprise visit from OSHA, or breaking one of its rules.

The OSHA-standards and rules are something like 56 stories high if you stack each page on top of each other. The entire set of rules and regulations comes on five CD-ROMs and there probably isn’t a lawyer alive who knows all the rules for all of the industries. This is why you take an online study course, you need to make sure that it is industry-specific. Unfortunately, for the building and construction-industry sector is very encompassing.

There are rules for roofers, plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, pipefitters, drywallers, and you name it. Many of the laws and rules for proper equipment and safety on the job site are somewhat different. Luckily, there are many companies who have put this all together, and made it easy for you to figure out and comply. I would suggest that you take advantage of these programs and keep yourself out of hot water. Please consider this.