Resume Rabbit – Fast Job Offers?

Job Hunting is really all about a numbers game, the more “eyes” you have on your resume, the more likely you will have success getting the calls for the interviews, and the more job offers you will get that will ultimately lead to the job. Most people just try to do it themselves or rely on those “Free” posting services that produce, well, usually nothing. That’s right, NO results! You remember the old saying. “You get what you pay for.” But when it comes to your Job, the thing that puts food on the table, a roof over your head and the clothes on your family’s back it is not wise to take a cheap way out especially if it will not produce the desired outcome!

Is there really a fast and easy way to get your resume in front of millions of employers without slaving away all day long in front of a computer, day in and day out? And are there any good resume posting services out there? Of course there are! As with anything else, along with the bad, there are successful and reputable companies that do what they are supposed to, on time with results that will get you excited about this job search thing again! The service my clients use and have had really excellent results with is

. A really good resume posting service can give you an edge in the job market just because your eggs are spread out over many baskets, not just the few you happen to know about.


– A True One-Stop Time Saving Process, if your resume doesn’t need updating it should feel like you have submitted your resume once.


Auto-Logon links to the various Career sites so anything you need to do will happen instantly.


because as if you didn’t already have enough on your mind with a major job search, who needs to be dealing with what is floating around out there on the Internet. And with all the job scams and non-job related garbage trying to get to you, a little peace of mind goes a long way.


, this is a must!


without missing potential employer openings because the job was posted on a smaller more specialized site.


, this is key for a lot of reasons, if a particular site doesn’t offer that feature, the resume posting service should have their own anonymity solution in place.

There you have it, with these key components, a resume posting service can be the answer to your prayers, just make sure you do your due diligence so that you are not relying on getting jobs in a way that will get you nowhere fast!