Job Search Advice – You Didn’t Get the Job, Now What?

The sting of rejection is one that everyone will experience in some area of their lives at some point. It is especially difficult when you are in the running for a job but are not chosen to receive the final offer. But it is important to consider what the rejection truly means for you as the job seeker and what you can do about it.

Does it mean you weren’t good enough? No! They saw enough promise in you to bring you in for the interview in the first place. So it is not always the case that you didn’t have the right skills. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Be proud that a great company such as the one you interviewed with considered you for a job there. It is a major compliment and a testament to your potential.

Ultimately, you can actually gain from this experience in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. Here are some things to keep in mind when faced with rejection:

It allows you to focus your energy on finding an opportunity that might be even better than the one you wanted. It is too tempting to assume that the job you didn’t get was the ‘best’ job or your ‘dream’ job. But resolving to work harder means you might find a new opportunity you hadn’t considered before.

Honestly ask yourself what you feel you could have improved. Maybe you could have researched the organization even further. Perhaps you could work on your interview skills so that you don’t appear as nervous next time. Once you realize what you can do better, add these ideas into an improved job search that is infused with more creativity. You might consider being more creative with your resume layout. You might be more creative in finding new opportunities by considering sources that you didn’t try before. If you think about it, you’ll always find a new way to approach your job search.

How you handle losing matters just as much as winning itself. If you receive a letter or e-mail letting you know you didn’t get the job, it is important to respond. Thank the sender, as well as your interviewers. Sometimes, the candidate chosen doesn’t work out and companies will seek out the other candidates that were in the running. You want to optimize your chances of getting that callback so stay positive, and courteous.

The next time you are faced with rejection, remember that you always have the power to choose how you will react and what your next move will be for the future. Stay positive, and remember that rejection doesn’t diminish your potential; it can actually increase it if you just stay focused on your goal!