Relocating to Florida? Where to Find a Job in Florida

Florida, the state people love to go on vacation to because of its beautiful weather year-round and world-renowned tourist destinations. Over a thousand miles of serene beaches and tropical weather draw people from all over the world to Florida. It is no mystery why over a thousand people a day are relocating to Florida.

The cost of living in Florida is slightly higher than the US, ranking 32nd in out of the 50 states according to the ACCRA Cost of Living Index for Q1 in 2009. However, home prices are currently very affordable, averaging in at a not-so-steep $141,300 in March 2009, according to the National Association of Realtors. The taxes for residents are also lower in Florida than in most other states, making it a desirable choice for relocation.

Jacksonville is the biggest metropolis in the state with over 850,000 residents according to the Bureau of Economic and Business Research at the University of Florida (2007). Miami is the second largest city – known for its beautiful glamorous beaches, the nightlife and great places to dine on fresh seafood, Miami offers a huge variety of business possibilities for entrepreneurs. Other large metropolitan areas in Florida include Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Hialeah, Fort Lauderdale and Tallahassee all of which offer their own unique flavor of fun Florida living.

The overall climate in Florida is tropical. The scenery is very beautiful with miles of sparkling beaches and plenty of sunshine. The summers are pleasantly warm and the winters are mild. Overall, the weather is fantastic which is why so many older retirees decide on relocating to Florida to spend their golden years in “The Sunshine State”.

The Internet is a powerful tool to help you land your dream job in Florida, but first you need to know where to look. There are hundreds of job search sites on the web to help you find job opportunities, learn about potential employers and meet local professionals in you career field. The list below provides some of the best local job search sites and national job boards and will make a great place to start your Florida job search.




o SimplyHired:

With more than 60 million people visiting Florida each year, it is needless to say that tourism is the number one industry in the state, which currently generates the fourth highest revenue in the entire United States. Orlando, the home of the ‘Disney World’ is a fun filled destination with a variety amusement and water parks and other family activities. The largest vacation resort on the globe, the Walt Disney World resort has provided job opportunities to thousands of people who relocate to Florida.

Thus if you are looking for a job in tourism and hospitality industry, Florida is an excellent choice for relocating, as it will bring in a host of great career options. Most of the top names in hospitality have a presence in Florida to get a share of the huge tourism business that the state generates. Tourism accounted for 110,180 of the nearly 370,000 employees among 2008’s top Florida employers, and remains by far the largest sector in the state. The largest of these tourism employers – Walt Disney World – supplies over 60,000 jobs. If you are relocating to Florida and interested in a job in the tourism and hospitality industry you should visit:

o The Walt Disney Company:

o Intercontinental Hotel Group:

o Marriot:

o Mandarin Oriental:

o Royal Caribbean:

o Carnival Cruise Lines:

Agriculture is the second largest source of revenue for Florida. The industry has undergone some struggles in the last few years due to natural events like hurricanes and drought, but is now on the fast track to recovery and agriculturist Floridians are looking forward to a formidable stretch in the upcoming years. The top age segments are horticulture, forestry and fruit and vegetable farming. Recently the state was granted $850,000 by the government to enhance the competitiveness of the specialty crop industry according to The Florida Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services. So, if you are an agricultural professional you may consider relocating to Florida for a prosperous career.

o Quincy Farms:

o Florida’s Natural:

The southern tip of the state has become home to NASA’s Kennedy Space Station. Since the time NASA has established itself here, aerospace is another area that has flourished attracting scientists and other high-tech professionals from around the globe. The warm tropical climate is most favorable for aerospace activities.


Best of luck to you in your Florida job search! It is truly a great place to relocate to! I can attest!