You Have Found The Perfect Job-Now Follow Up Part 2

In part one I wrote about ways to follow up after an interview. Keep in mind that following up after an interview will assure the employer that you have an interest in the job and they will be more likely to take the next step if they fill that you are a potential candidate and their chances of you taking the job are high. Employers do not want to waste time interviewing people who have no interest in taking the job.

Here are some additional tips on following up:

Follow up with a phone call and thank them for giving you the opportunity to meet with them about their job opening. If you have an interest in the position let them know and again mention something that you remember during the interview that you liked about the job or the company.

Use email as a source to follow up. If it has been a couple days since you have heard from them send them an email and ask what the next step is. Asking the next step should be asked during the interview, an email reiterates that you have an interest in the job and you wanted to make sure you knew what to expect.

One way that you can set yourself apart is to use a fax. Everybody today will use email as instant communication but most people have forgotten or fail to use the fax machine. Fax the employee a letter stating your strengths and why you would be perfect for the job.

As you can see there are several ways to follow up with employers find some that best suits your personality and let it be known that you have an interest in the open position.

You have gone to the trouble of putting together a resume, sending it out, and going on an interview. Take the next step and follow up with the employer and find out exactly where you stand.