Online Survey Job – How to Find a Legitimate One

Online survey job is one of the widely advertised job opportunities on the internet. They promise you cash, rewards, sweepstakes prizes causing a temptation to the visitors to join their program immediately. It is a rewarding opportunity and it can be great fun but you need to find a legitimate survey website.

Listed below are a few tips to spot a legitimate survey site offering online survey job:

1) Any website that requires you to pay to sign up and become their member is not a legitimate one. They are robbing you of your money and do not sign up with them under any circumstances. There are many good survey websites that are on the look out for panelists providing them with steady flow of online survey job opportunities and also reward them.

There are a few websites that will require you to provide your opinions after clicking a few buttons. They are illegitimate and will not reward you in full. A legitimate research website will send you the invitation to join their panel. When you become a part of the panel for market research, you will be contacted as and when a survey is conducted and they will choose to invite you only if the survey matches your profile.

Some surveys will ask you to answer a questionnaire that will take a few minutes, finally to reveal that you have not been qualified to take up the survey. So beware of them.

2) The rewards offered by the survey websites differ from each other. Some provide steady cash while others provide random lottery prizes; few others provide services and goods in the form of compensation. It is safe to choose the online survey job opportunity that provides steady and tangible prizes. You can find few websites offering free trips to some location as a compensation. Avoid those kinds of surveys as the chances of winning them are low and except the winner, the others get nothing in return for the time spent on the survey.

But there are definitely good survey companies which provide you a legitimate online survey job. The feedback provided by you in the form of survey will help them to shape their products. These companies are running a service for another company which requires feedback from customers who are already using the product or the potential customers.

They also want to make comparisons to a similar product or a competitive one or they may simply want to test a new product and get the feedback. Surveys basically require answers to specific questions to fulfill their needs. Certain surveys are very short ones while few others are too long. The good survey companies do pay you for your online survey job but it will not be sufficient enough to quit your daytime job.

The method of payment by these survey companies differ from each other. Some pay cash incentives while few others include you in a drawing for a prize or a cash amount. Some companies provide gift cards or items based on your accrued points. The longer time you stay with these companies and take up surveys, more are the chances to earn doing their online survey job. Few companies create an account for you and they will pay you only when you attain a certain minimum amount from the surveys. At times, it could be a long wait depending on how many surveys you get qualified for and how many you complete.