Top Jobs Obtainable With a Criminal Record – Violent/Theft/Drug Crimes

If you have a criminal record, some jobs are far more forgiving of your history than others. It’s difficult to generalize when discussing which jobs are more likely to hire you based on the existence of a criminal record. However if you break the record down in to different types of crimes such as violent crimes, fraud/theft related crimes, and drug crimes, it becomes easier to predict which jobs are your best bet.

If you have a violent crime on your record, you’ll have a difficult time finding a job that is related to child care and jobs that take place in an office environment. Conversely, some jobs that typically don’t have any problem hiring a previously violent offender are in the areas of construction, food services, and trade jobs (such as mechanic or electrician.) All “blue collar” jobs are generally good picks for someone with a violent crime on their record. Just be prepared to explain the nature of your crime and how it occurred in detail as it will likely come up should you be called in for a job interview.

Once you have a theft or fraud related charge on your record, employers generally see you as a dishonest person. It’s very unfair as literally everyone has done something dishonest in their life. Many individuals have done something much worse than you and just haven’t been charged. Since your honesty is in question, it’s nearly impossible to get a job in the Banking, Casino, or finance related industry’s. Fortunately this doesn’t affect your ability to get other types of jobs very much. Pretty much any job that doesn’t involve working directly with money is fair game.

Out of all of the types of crimes, these are potentially the least damaging, especially if it’s a marijuana possession charge. For most jobs, a marijuana possession charge will be seen as fairly mild from the standpoint of an employer. Harder drugs are seen as a stronger negative to employers but are still not nearly as bad as violent crimes or theft. For the most part, a drug charge affects your chances of getting all jobs equally, there isn’t a single type of job that is less less likely to hire you with this type of charge. The only exception would be certain government jobs (such as local police, FBI, CIA, etc.)

One thing to remember regardless of which crimes are on your record is to keep your self occupied while looking for a job. When the economy’s not doing well it can be very difficult to find a job even without a record, so it’s important to stay positive and motivated. One excellent way to keep your self busy while earning some extra money is joining a paid survey service. There are tons of scams, but if you join a legitimate one, it’s a few hundred dollars of extra cash in your pocket every month. It can’t replace a full time income, but it does a great job of supplementing one. To some, a few hundred dollars may not sound like a lot, but if your out of a job, it’s pretty attractive.